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When I was down and out, and living in a different province to where my investment lies, my tenants gave notice suddenly and unexpectedly. Not being able to get to the property, that wasn’t left in the best condition, and worrying about how I am going to pay the bond without tenants left me in an absolute state of panic. I stumbled upon Prestprops via Google and boy was I relieved to hear your voice on the other side of the line so confident you will be able to assist me. A few phone calls later the tenants had been contacted by you to arrange viewings and maintenance on the property had been organized and I had a new tenant lined up before the previous tenants even had a chance to live out their notice. I was shocked and extremely impressed by the service and swiftness. Since then I have never looked back and do and will continue to recommend Prestprops to anyone and everyone.

Nicola Jones