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From our first visit to the show house we were well received and Melani showed us around. Well that is the norm isn't it. But I must say there was something different as if she was enjoying it. That is an agents job isn't it? No there is a difference here!

Melani cares, after we put in our offer she regularly followed up to ensure that everything was on track. As we were buying through a trust we had to amend our offer and yet again done with a smile. She came out to our house to do the offer. Any requests from our side was met with enthusiasm and answered promptly even if she had to get the answers from the seller.

Her liason between us as buyers, the seller and even the transferring attorneys was excellent.

Although she will be on leave on the occupation date, she offered to come and do the hand over.

We have generalised in the past when talking about the agents. "They are all the same". Not this one, she is a star and we can highly recommend her.